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Here is a little Trick that pro cyclist swear by when they want to fry fat fast: When possible, sneak in an easy 20-minute spin before breakfast. Seasoned cyclist will even set up their trainer in a convenient spot so they can hop on without leaving the comfort of their home. This simple routine not only [...]


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Editor’s Note: Every once in awhile I will pull a story from our archives if I think the topic is particularly relevant to current issues. This article was originally published in the PBA Newsletter last August. It was submitted by Natalie Mathews and provides words of wisdom on the effect of heat, especially timely given [...]



By Andrew Hoodwin Andrew has written another great article with really good information that should be taken into consideration with a range of factors, including a doctor’s checkup if you are sensing anything in your health that is causing you to have issues (or the potential for issues.) Note that his statements per se are [...]