Another Great PBA Party at Maggiano’s

Lori Maucieri

Thanks to Maggie Johns, the “Hostess with the Mostest”…a great time was had by all!  Every single ticket was sold, making it a full house at Maggiano’s!  All of the PBA members seemed to enjoy socializing helmetless for a change, and not to mention the awesome food.  It was even heard on numerous occasions that some folks “clean up real good”.  After dinner, everyone got their chuckles viewing a   slide show complete with humorous comments, created by Chris Mathews.

The party got down to business, with expressions of thanks given to Terry Brcka, Pat Champlin, Sharon Dickson, and Roxanne Kosanda for all their hard work over the years on the Board.  The club members then presented Terry with a framed autographed PBA jersey in gratitude for his services as president of the club.  After which, Terry announced the new Board members as:  President- Andrew Hoodwin, Vice President- Greg Thurmond, Treasurer- Jody de St. Germain, Ride Coordinator- Liz Francis, Membership- Natalie Mathews, Special Events Director- Maggie Johns, and Newsletter Editor- Lori Maucieri.  However, it was noted that the position of Merchandise Director has yet to be filled.  To avoid a long and drawn out “Step Up to the Plate” speech by Andrew in the near future, it might be wise for some brave club member to “take one for the team” and volunteer for this position as soon as possible!

Liz Francis took the stage next to announce the “Top Three Mileage Riders” for 2011 as:  Daniel Schaaf, Nick Esposito, and David Appleby.  Terry awarded the “Volunteer of the Year” to our favorite Warren Casteel, for all his diligent efforts to keep the bicycle community safe.  John “Razer” Evans, last year’s recipient of the “Larger than Life” award, along with Razer’s son Zac, and “Mr. Let Me Put My Two Cents In” Markus, announced the nominees for the not- so- coveted award.  The nominees included:  Steve “MacGyver” Rovinsky, Greg “The Devil” Thurmond, “Steeler Tim” Elliot, “Big Lori” Maucieri, “Wild Bill” Lawrence, and Walt “Squatch” McCreary.  Many of the nominees cowered, trying NOT to make eye contact with the presenter, in hopes that they would not be chosen.  The stunning blue banana crown was then bestowed on “Big Lori”, as the other nominees shared a collected sigh of relief.

More excitement ensued when the raffle began.  Everyone clutched their treasured raffle tickets, (or as our beloved Maggie calls them “rifle tickets”) in anticipation of all the cool prizes donated by Plano Cycling and Fitness, Richardson Bike Mart, Maggiano’s, and even a cool cycling labeled bottle of wine donated by Chris and Natalie Mathews.  All of the members left the party with fun goody bags filled with even more nifty items donated from Skin Strong, Grease Monkey, Plano Cycling and Fitness, and Richardson Bike Mart.

When all the prizes had been given out, His Majesty Andrew Hoodwin, closed the annual party with promises of new and exciting things on the horizon for PBA.  He also enlightened the crowd of his excellent stalking abilities for volunteers.  So basically….you can run, but you cannot hide….you have been warned.

There are many fun pictures of the party that have already been posted, and even more coming in over the week.  I’ll let everyone know when the last of the pictures have been posted to the blog in a few days.